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Why I started H&N Label...

Hi Everyone and Welcome to H&N Label.

My Name is Kristy I am 32 from Fassifern NSW. I created H&N Label in September 2019, although I had the idea not long after my first child Harper was born in August 2015. I would say to my husband "can you pack to baby bag?" while I was getting myself & Harper ready his response was always " I don't know what goes in the baby bag. I would end up doing it myself usually in a rush and then get out to realise I forgot something like wipes or a blanket.

Once I had my second child only 13 months later this problem just became worse, then came daycare. The amount of things you have to daycare wow, nappies, wipes, lunch, spare clothes, undies, hat, drink bottle I was bound to forget at least one thing a day.

One day I turned up to daycare and I was told by the educator that my son Nixon had no undies on as he had no spare undies in his bag. That's when I was like right yes he does and tipped the bag upside down in front of her to find them at the bottom of the bag. I thought there is obviously a need for a backpack like this, how much easier would it be for everyone if they just knew where the spare undies would be.

I got to work and designed the backpack, with many samples and having no idea what I was doing I finally was happy with the final product. I stared with the brand name "The toddler tote" but quickly learned our backpacks are not just for toddlers so I changed it to H&N Label ( Harper & Nixon). I ordered 200 way over priced of course and I did not take into account the million other overheads with a business.

They started to slowly sell & then January 2020 hit and boom I sold out everyone was buying them as backpacks for their children starting school or daycare bags. That's when I realised I had to change the zipper puller from brown leather to more suited to children. Our backpacks have a space to put a label in the front to personalise it with your child's name or you can choose to leave it blank for any privacy concerns.

I then Introduced Wet bags which also are for daycare, they are perfect to keep your child's accidents separate & replace the need for plastic bags. Wet bags can also be used to keep daycare sheets organised, swimming lessons or to keep spare clothes in. I then designed bag tags when a friends child of mine had turned up at after school care when his father was actually picking him up. These bags tags give a helpful reminder to a child after a long day at school if they are getting picked up, catching the bus or attending after school care.

Since September 2019 we have proudly sold over 700 backpacks & 500 Wet bags!! I just wanted to say thank you for all my followers, customers and support. I am a one woman business but my customer service comes first if you are not happy then neither am I, reach out with any questions you may have.

Kristy H&N Label.