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20 ways to use a Wet Bag

Wet bag can be used for pretty much anything that you would use a plastic bag for but we thought we would share our top 20 uses that we love to use them for. The great thing about a wet bag is that is they are something that you will never grow out of and can be utilised through all stages of your life.

  1. Dirty Nappies, Wet bags are great for those using cloth nappies, you can store dirty nappies in a wet bag while your out, they help contain smell and wont leak making it easy for you to just chuck the dirty nappy and wet bag in the washing machine when home.
  2. Swimmers – Wet bags are the perfect essential to take to swimming lessons, you can store wet swimmers and wet towels in them saving the rest of your items becoming wet when also inside your bag.
  3. Mini Nappy Bag- Wet bags are the perfect size if your headed into lunch and just need to take the essentials like wipes, spare clothes and nappies. This saves you from lugging your whole baby bag everywhere.
  4. Daycare/Pre-school – Wet bags are great to pack in your child’s backpack for daycare or pre-school so if they have an accident or get their clothes dirty they can be placed in a wet bag and save the need for a plastic bag
  5. Dry Clothes- Not only can wet bags be used to store wet clothes but they are also great to store dry clothes, you never know when you will need a change of clothes
  6. Keeping in the car- Wet bags are great to keep in the car hanging on the back of the seat with toys in and can be also used as a vomit bag if needed.
  7. Emergency Kit- Its always great to be prepared just in case, storing a towel, change of clothes that always stays in the car is a great decision.
  8. First aid kit – Storing some essentials for first aid in the car, caravan or boat
  9. Storing wipes- Our Wet bags have a strap so they can be easily hung from things so they are perfect to hang from your change table with some wipes and creams for easy access.
  10. Organising kids toys, Wet bags can help organise different toys in kids rooms such as dolls clothes or blocks.
  11. Breast pump- You can store your breast pump with ease without worrying it may leak through your bag.
  12. Storing coffee cups – How many times have you put your coffee keep cup in your bag to find it has leaked, storing it in a wet bag will ensure it doesn’t spill on any other items
  13. Hair Accessories – Keeping hair brushes, hair bands and accessories all in one place
  14. Toiletry Bag – Don’t worry about your shampoo leaking over everything if you have placed it in a wet bag first
  15. Organising clothes when away on holidays – This one we find quite helpful, we use different colour wet bags to organise undies, socks, swimmers and shirts in the caravan instead of chucking everything in a draw and having to mess it all up to find things
  16. Travelling – Wet Bags are great to store Ipads and charges when tarveling so they won’t get accidently wet
  17. Gym clothes- Great for storing your stinky clothes after leaving the gym
  18. Shoes- Wet bags fit a pair of adult joggers perfectly so don’t worry if they got muddy and you have to put them back into your car place them in a wet bag first.
  19. Daycare Bedding – If your required to send sheet to daycare a wet bag is able to keep them tidy
  20. To transport kids toys – I allow my children to pick a few toys when heading to a friends and they can easily carry them inside a wet bag with a handle.