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Backpacks for kids 101 - A look at buying that all important school accessory

Backpacks are a fairly common sight in our day-to-day lives. While they’re also popular with hikers, travellers and working professionals, it’s students who we regularly see sporting this type of bag.

Its usually mum and dads job to go on the hunt for the yearly school bag and     it no secret that there is a HUGE range of School backpacks to choose from that come in a wide range of styles and sizes. While it’s easy to succumb to cool graphics and prints that catch the eye, it’s essential to take into consideration the quality and comfort that these backpacks will need to provide.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at backpacks, so you’ll know what to look for when buying a school bag for your child and why we think H&N Label will tick all the boxes when you need your next school bag.


Why Do Kids Use Backpacks for School?

While people have been using some variation of the backpack design for centuries, the modern student backpack as we know it is a relatively recent development. Backpacks were initially made for the use of hikers, but it was eventually co-opted for school use as well. From then onwards, the student backpack became a staple in school supplies.

But why exactly do kids use them? What qualities do backpacks have that make them preferable to use in school settings?

Let's take a look at the main reasons below:

  • Backpacks leave the hands free.

This is probably the most apparent advantage that backpacks have over other types of bags. With backpacks, kids’ hands are free to do everyday tasks, such as opening doors and lockers or holding additional items.

Free hands are especially important for smaller children who aren’t as agile on their feet.

  • Backpacks are easy to carry over long periods.

Because these bags are strapped to a child’s back, the weight is evenly distributed unlike across the body bags where the weight is on one shoulder and uneven. This allows backpacks to be carried longer and more comfortably than other types of bags. Making backpacks the most practical selection for everyday use for school. Without backpacks, lugging around books and other items can get tiring pretty quickly for kids.

H&N Label backpacks also feature padded back straps for added comfort, which make them even easier on the shoulders. Despite this, you still need to be careful about the weight you put on the backpack—and consequently, your children’s shoulders. In addition, make sure that they don’t carry heavy things over extended periods to avoid possible injuries. 

  • Backpacks help keep things organised.

H&N has paid special attention to this and all our backpacks have pockets and compartments that help organise your children’s items. The best ones feature sturdy construction, so they hold up well with frequent use. They also don’t experience tearing even when they’re accidentally stuffed beyond capacity.

This feature especially comes in handy when your child needs to store some wet items inside like soaked socks. The compartments help ensure that the schoolbooks remain dry and separate from any of the mess. We have a post that goes into more detail on what to pack for to help navigate your child’s first day of school

  • Backpacks are portable and spacious.

While some bags may either be roomy or portable, backpacks have the advantage of being both due to their distinctive design. The main body can hold a lot of items comfortably, while the back straps make the bag easy to carry around. Some backpacks offer added protection, such as water resistance, to help shield the inside from the elements. If your backpack doesn’t have an area for wet items, you can grab one of our wet bags to solve that problem!

  • Backpacks can be versatile in terms of style.

While this feature may not be unique to backpacks, in particular, it’s still something worth noting. Most backpacks today feature a wide range of styles and prints designed to delight children. They can feature pictures of beloved characters or something more low-key, such as simple patterns and colours.

Because of this versatility in style, children have a lot of options when it comes to choosing backpack designs. They can go one step further and personalise their backpacks with names and patches. H&N Label has also created the how do I get home tags that help take the worry out of wondering if your child remembers how they will get home after a big day at school.


When choosing a school bag for kids, getting the right fit is essential, which is why you need to know how to measure your child for a backpack. Children’s bags that are too small or too big might cause them some discomfort.

To make the most of your children’s backpacks, you also need to know how to pack your child’s bag for school. This not only ensures that you’re able to store the essentials but also makes it convenient for your kid to find the school items they need.


Why H&N Label Backpacks are the best for Children and Adults

When picking out backpacks for your children, one thing you shouldn’t compromise on is quality. That’s why it’s best to only buy children’s backpacksfrom established brands.

At H&N Label, we produce bags that prioritise comfort, durability and style.

H&N Label’s backpacks have been voted as “Best Backpack” by parents. With their multi-purpose design, the bags can double as nappy or diaper bags and overnight bags. They also come with a lot of pockets and compartments to help make organisation easy and seamless. What’s more, the pockets can be labelled, so kids won’t have a problem finding the things they need.

The bags feature premium quality material and expert craftsmanship, so they’re sure to hold up to everyday wear. These backpacks are not only great for toddlers and children but for adults as well. They’re so easy to use that you can find things with one hand, making them work great as nappy bags.

All of our designs are stylish yet neutral, so dads can comfortably carry them along as they accompany the kids. They’re also an ideal fit for people with disabilities, serving as dependable storage for essentials.

If you’re looking for practical and sturdy multi-purpose bags for children and adults alike, look no further than H&N Label backpacks. With them, you’re assured of quality that lasts for a long time to come. 

Love Kristy x