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5 ways to use your Go-To Labelled Backpack.

The average person spends 7 minutes looking for their keys, and another 6 minutes looking for their phone & other essentials in the morning. By using a labelled backpack, you can save yourself time every day by keeping your items organised and easily accessible.

Originally designed as a Nappy Bag our Go-To Labelled Backpack has continually proven to be the top pick of Backpacks for any occasion. With its modern design  and waterproof fabric this backpack is sure to impress with it's many features such as 15 pockets, insulated bottle pockets, pram clips, name card slot, laptop pocket, 2 drink bottle holders, key chain, hidden phone pocket and many more make it the perfect backpack for any occasion.

Here’s 5 ways you can use your Go-To Labelled Backpack

Nappy Bag or Baby Bag

The most popular use would have to be as a Nappy Bag Backpack or Baby Bag. Usually, you find when your pregnant with your first child you look for a fancy nappy bag that looks great and you overlook the practicality that is needed to make it functional. Once your settled into Mum life you realise how hard it can be to leave the house with your baby and all the things you need to take with you. Often your running around trying to change the baby, fill bottles, pack essentials which leaves you forgetting essentials. The other problem that arises is that someone like your husband who may not be familiar all the items your baby needs therefore can’t easily pack the Nappy bag. That’s where the labels come into play, organising your bag with labels makes it clear to identify if anything is missing or enables anyone to pick up the nappy bag to quickly pack it.

Daycare or Pre-school Bag

We all know the morning rush when you’re frantically having to pack your child’s bag for daycare or pre-school all while getting yourself ready for work. You often leave the house late, in a rush to arrive at daycare and realise you forgot to pack a jumper, spare clothes, nappies or sheets. Using your Go-To Labelled backpack as a daycare or pre-school bag easily enables organisation for everyone. Labels on the pockets make it so you can quickly find what you need without having to rummage through the whole thing.

The backpack doesn’t just save you time but also helps the educators find your child’s essentials easily. I remember several times being told that my child had no spare undies to then tip their bag upside down and find that they were caught up with another item like a shirt or blanket leaving me frustrated. This also helps when your collect your child from daycare you can quickly check everything is coming home with you that you packed.

The next amazing feature that comes into play is that we also offer picture labels so your child can start to independently pack their own bag by matching their belongings to the picture label on the pocket. This not only improves children’s confidence but teaches them the important skill of organisation and routine.

School Bag

January is our biggest month of sales by far due to the popularity of our labelled backpack being purchased to use as a school bag. Let your child keep track of their own belongings using our unique hidden labelling system. Looking stylish on the outside no one will know their hidden organisation secret weapon on the inside. Turning up to school and class with everything needed will help your child feel more organised and in control of their life. Our bright fun designs are released every December and sell out fast or we have our plain coloured backpacks such as our Black Backpack, Navy Blue Backpack and Grey backpack which are available all year around.


Disability/ Educational Backpack

Our unique labelling system isn’t just for kids or parents, it is proving popular amongst all ages especially with a disability or memory impairment. Our backpacks come highly recommended by Allied Health professionals working with children in early intervention to implement and support routine and structure.

Visual aids such as our picture labels make it easy for anyone unable to read to identify what to put in each pocket. Visual aids help improve memory and retention and reinforce and support establishing routine.


Work or Uni Bag

You're a busy person, always on the go and trying to make life easier. But you can't find anything in your bag because it's too cluttered! Or you’re forever changing from bag to bag for different occasions.

The Go-To Labelled Backpacks 15’6-inch laptop pocket supports our backpacks to be utilised as a work or university bag. In these unprecedent times many of us are working between the office and home requiring us to carry a laptop and many other office essentials.

This unisex waterproof bag comes with 15 pockets so you can store everything from pens and pencils, keys, wallets, chargers & mobile phones through to books, laptops and tablets - plus there’s even an external water bottle pocket for easy access when on the move or at work/school etc.. And because all items are clearly labelled with their contents on the front of each compartment they will always be within arm’s reach when needed – no more digging around


In conclusion I’ve created this labelled backpack so that we could stop wasting time looking for our keys, phone, or other belongings while at school or work or out and about. So, start spending more time doing what you love instead of looking for lost items! The best part? This organization system works with any person - no matter the age!