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About us

Hey There!

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my website, my name is Kristy and I am the Founder and CEO of H&N Label.

More then another businesschick, I’m from Newcastle, NSW. I have my husband Jade and I’m a Mum of not one, but two beautiful kids Harper and Nixon hence why my business is called H&N.

At H&N Label, we might be a small Australian business but we have a pretty big vision. Our aim is to help everyone be more organized when it comes to home, life and kids. It’s time to bring it back to basics with simple solutions that's why are backpacks are catered to all ages.

 At H&N Label you will expect to see essential, personalised array of products from Custom Labels , Drink bottles, Wet bags and our signature labelled Backpacks that can be utilised from a nappy bag, pre-school backpack, school backpack or just a day out with the kids.

Organisation has always came naturally to me, it's something I pride myself on although I realised it wasn't the case for everyone.

This was first identified in 2015 when I had my beautiful daughter Harper and further highlighted in 2016 when I had my son Nixon 13 months later. It was hard to leave the house with two children, between getting myself and two kids ready I often allocated the job of packing the baby bag to my husband Jade.

Jade would always say he doesn't know what to pack often leading to either myself having to do it or essentials being left behind.

Returning to work with two little kids meant being ready to leave the house at 6:45 with two kids daycare backpacks packed with the never ending list of essentials they need to survive a day away from you.

I would often forget at least one of their undies, hats or drink bottles. When my Mum came to help one day a week I would have to ensure the bags were packed and ready to go. A few times at daycare it was mentioned to me that I had forgot spare undies or a top, but actually they were just at the bottom of my child's heavily packed bag. 

This was when it was clearly identified that it wasn't just me having this problem. I thought an easy solution to fix all of these problems would be to create an organised backpack that could cater for all needs. Having labels on the pockets meant that it would be a quick reminder if an essential was missing and carers would be able to locate items easily. My husband was able to pack the bag without me telling him what to pack, my mum was able to pack their bags if I had to leave in a hurry and daycare teachers could always find their spare clothes.

As my backpacks evolved I was approached by a parent with a child with a disability and asked if I could make some picture labels for easy identification for their child when they were learning to pack their own bag. Our picture labels became very popular quickly and lead my own children to packing their own bags for daycare at ages 3 & 4 and loving it.

We may be a small Australian business in NSW, but we have big ideas to elevate your life with practical kids essentials that you’ll turn to time and time again. We hope you love our products as much as we do.

We love to hear from customers and take onboard all feedback we receive so please don't hesitate to contact us at hello@hnlabel.com.au